MA TERRE PREMIERE, Gentillou, 24140 Saint Martin des Combes


Xavier Mathiaud

Passionate about the mysterious world of truffle, I am a passionated truffle farmer for 25 years now.

Soil work, observation of fauna and flora, concentration, knowledge of the land, follow-up of research work are all qualities specific to embarking on this universe which has fascinated human since the Egyptians of antiquity to the present day.

To embark on this adventure is to enter a mysterious world which combines a game of hide and seek, from the visible to the invisible, with its codes.

I will be delighted to accompany you, to make you discover this world and to accompany you in your projects.


Considered by some to be man's best friend, the dog is unquestionably the best partner for research. Personally, I work with the Lagotto Romagnolo. This Italian dog is recognized for its exceptional nose. Energetic, playful and a little runaway, he is also an excellent companion for the family.